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She partied herself to zombie mode…..#iZombie

What would you do if someone close to you ate brains to survive?…i am not talking about the bloody brain pull out thing…..but the delicious kind where he/she wraps human brain in yummy pie, guacamole, cake, and every other creative foods. Well, that is what Liv does. One day she agreed to go to a boat party but came back as the living death. How did that happen? You will have to watch iZombie darling because i am not going to ruin one of my best shows. The events following Liv’s life were both a blessing and disguise. For one, she became a psychic and helped detective Bodereux (i hope i got the name right 🙂 but on the other hand, she had to lie to her loved ones and turn down a great career to work at the morgue. Now i think it’s time for you to view this trailer and follow something you haven’t seen in a while, PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!! (it’s not that scary)…..Until next time, have a nice time.

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If Only babies could talk mummies and dadies can only dream….#Boss Baby would rock

Imagine one day, your months-old baby just said “hey mama, what’s for breakfast?…..very few would find this adorable, others would be full-blown instagraming and a majority would be on their knees casting demons. Which category would you be?…..I would probably go for drug testing then faint.

For this animation, the baby has a tiny suit and barks orders to his baby S.W.A.T team. Boss baby (the movie and the series) tries to express a baby’s mind in the most hilarious way. I find it fascinating that Tim and his infant brother manage to fool their parents and the entire neighborhood. Theodore Lindsey Templeton is all cute and cuddly to mum n dad but little monster to Timothy and those who cross him. When things go south, they all gang up and save the day. I don’t know if you still enjoy animations, but i am a huge fun and i would recommend baby boss to you. It has some moral and life lessons whatsoever. Help a baby in need, family is more than blood relation, always help your brother, and have the right people watch your back. Also, being a leader is not as easy as it seems…..don’t wait too long to watch it. here is a the trailer darling, enjoy……bye bye.

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Welcome to the Jungle Fellas…. #Jumanji

See What Happens When You Become A Character in the Game

As a young girl, watching wrestling was not my thing. It still isn’t but that does not mean I cannot have a favorite. Dwayne Johnson A.K.A #the rock. By joining Hollywood, you became one of my all-time favorite and that is why I loved watching Jumanji. Can you imagine the gorgeous wrestler acting like a big baby? Well, he does a fantastic job taking you through the adventures of a jungle in need of heroes. His team cracks my ribs especially Kevin Hart (this guy will always be hilarious and demn talkative). Pardon my language readers. I get excited when watching an interesting movie. Bethany brings out the best in slay queens. I know you are wondering how but she finds courage to feel beautiful and sexy in a body many would consider average. Among the four players, who would you choose? And do not forget the pilot too. If you have not watched this movie, please do or better yet, check out its trailer here. Report suggest that the second part of the movie is out and am still waiting to watch it. What are you waiting for?….let the weekend begin. bye

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All we need is a little magic…#Merlin

When magic is entwined with love, fate, betrayal, war and humor, you get a thrilling package of Merlin. I loved everything the show represented; from the egoistic nature of the Pendragons to the humbling nature of Merlin, Guinevere, and Gaius. The round table team Athur created became an inspiring lot for loyalty, bravery, and friendship. All of them were wronged by Uther and his hatred for commoners and magic but they set aside their differences to fight for Camelot’s future and the good within. i would like to take the opportunity and thank Colin Morgan and and his team because i felt like i was part of the story. If you want a fantasy to escape to, watch Merlin. The tale takes you through sad, happy, and mysterious moments. Some will make you cry and others will make you crack a rib. Do not let this show pass you by…..ever since i watched it, i have been trying to see if i can snap my finger and boom….a burger on my hand.


A Rat Chef?…..#ratatouille

Sometimes i break routine and enjoy animation movie. When i came across ratatouille, i did not think i would entertained to an extent of trying the real recipe. All that was missing was a genius rat to bring the magic. Spoiler alert, that’s a recipe for health workers knocking on your door. Anyway, the animation is really interesting. Check out its trailer at I loved the mystery to the end and the thrill of inventing something new. I think the creators of this animation enjoy unique food or have a passion for cooking. Either way, the show is epic and one of a kind. What do you think?……ciao


Badass women part 2…..#Naked Weapon

The strength of a woman is immeasurable. She always rises up and battles her way to victory when you least expect it. Follow the story of two women, abducted at a young age, developed intense friendship over time and trained to kill with just a snap. They are drugged, raped, and molded into the perfect, sexy killing machines for the elite. They draw their limit when their bond is threatened. One of the woman is Maggie Q and you met her at our previous post Nikita. I just love her acting so much. You want a sneak view of Naked weapon, click The gorgeous team will stop at nothing to claim their freedom. All the while, Daniel Wu, a CIA agent, tries to unravel the mystery of more than 30 missing kids including Maggie. Honestly, this is a thrilling drama that taught me to be strong no matter the circumstances. It also projects a symbol of true friendship and the art of never giving up. what do you think?….zaijan


Go back in time….#timeless

If you had a chance to go back in time, what would you change? for me, a lot. I watched Timeless for three consecutive days: i barely slept because the show was breathtaking. I loved very twist and turn given to the main narrative and emerging scenes. It was one of my best in a long time. Currently, movie and show creators have less enthusiasm in their work (that’s just my assumption). You cannot compare entertainment from the past and recent. The latter is disappointing on many occasions. however, Timeless was …..i don’t even have the right word but it was wow! watch the trailer here – and judge for yourself. Get some action, romance, suspense, betrayal, and mind-blowing time-travel narrative from the show. Hey, you even get free insights to America history as it is written with some twists… revoir


Have you watched Angel has fallen?

Ever since Gerald Butler caught my interest on the ugly truth, i did not think he would fit so well in the action world. Thanks to a dear friend (a very talented music composer: find him at, I got to enjoy a rousing action movie from him and Morgan Freeman; another screen sensation. If you haven’s had the chance, here is a sneak peak I was not expecting to remain glued to the screen but honestly, it took my breath away. do you have that movie you can repeat over and over again? this has become one of my favorite.


The Best Supernatural Narrative

#Vampire diaries Vs #True Blood

If mythical narratives about vampires, werewolves, and witches has not reached your corner, please seek entertainment advice. The twists and tales L. J Smith and Charlaine Harris takes us through can leave you wondering whether your ever-in-door neighbor is a vamp. Both Vampire Diaries and True Blood left me breathless. Even after watching the Twilight Saga, these two remain my al-time series to become produced. I love the stories behind them because they are carefully organized in a believable manner. I know many of you are huge fans of the vampire diaries (click here for the trailer). The love triangle between Elena and the two brothers peaks your interest while the battle between young vampires and the original vampires keeps some action going. By the way, i was #teamdamon+elena. Which one were you? Then came the dashing Nick Claus and his sibling rivalry (most of it is in the series the originals).

Vampire Diaries (VD) is entertaining but my favorite turned out to be true blood (click here for the trailer). It is authentic, extremely graphic and honestly for mature audience. The show has more than one love triangles like VD and suspense all over the place. The starkhouse home is truly cursed with death and one tragic event after another. therefore, emotions are also intense in true blood. I do not want to spoil things but keep some tissues nearby if you are as emotional as me. So, if you have watched either or both, which one became your favorite? Don’t be shy….ciao


#thefastandthefurious vs #theexpendables

Quite some action here huh!

As the entertainment grows, it becomes hard to find something you would want to watch over and over again. Let me start by the fast and the furious which got most people shedding tears while parting with Paul Walker: a sensation to all fans. RIP sunshine. Despite the loss, Vin Diesel and his team continued to dazzle us with top notch action in eight shows. Apparently, a ninth one is on it was or has it arrived? If you have not watched any, here is a sneak peak,

  1. The fast and the furious (2001) –
  2. Too fast too furious (2003) –
  3. Tokyo Drift (2006 –
  4. Fast and Furious (2009) –
  5. Fast Five (2011) –
  6. Fast and Furious 6 (2013) –
  7. Fast and Furious 7 (2015)
  8. The fate of the furious (2017)
  9. Fast and Serious: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

I guess nine is out and i am watching it (am so behind). What about the expendables? I am a huge fun of the entire team ranging from the calculative Sylvester Stallone to the cunning character of Jason Statham. As for Jet Li, being the half man is hilarious but i love his fighting style. I can also say shamelessly that i would go gaga for jackie chan. He makes the action industry light up. When he fights, I almost think i can do it without training (i guess i have to keep dreaming). Just a few mentions but enough about this team; I love them and they have entertained the world for quite a period. I wish i could meet them….i would embarrass myself with excitements. I admire #sylvester for overcoming his speech problems and proving to the world that disability is not inability. Lets see what they bring to the screen,

  1. The Expendables (2010)
  2. The Expendables 2 (2012)
  3. The Expendables 3 (2014)

Before these three aired, there were three more expendables released in 1962, 1989, and 2000. Have you watched them? Not much is available about them but i will keep looking. In the mean time, enjoy these thrilling series of actions featuring the most popular actors since before my time…..ciao